KV’s Customer Care Connection - eBusiness Applications for our Customers


Knape & Vogt is developing a series of new e-commerce services to help our customers get the information they need faster and more conveniently than ever before.

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Order Status, Account Status and Stock Status applications are now available. These applications have been designed to meet the needs of each market channel and customer.

Order Status allows you to:

Account Status allows you to:


Click here to see screen shots of Order Status application

Click here to see screen shots of Account Status application


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To utilize our system, you must be a current Knape & Vogt customer (KV, Feeny, or Idea@Work). 

Knape & Vogt’s e-commerce services will be offered through a secured system to assure the data exchanged remains confidential.

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After we receive your completed sign up form you will receive an eMail with instructions to access the Extranet via the Internet.

System Requirements


We’re confident you’ll like the many improvements underway, which are a continued demonstration of our commitment to build partner-value with you!

If you have any questions, please e-mail support@kv.com