Effective: September 1, 2017


The Rewards at Work SPIFF Program has been established by Workrite Ergonomics® to promote awareness of the Workrite Ergonomics and ISE brands by providing sales incentives to eligible authorized dealers and/or their sales employees. All terms and conditions pertaining to the Rewards at Work Spiff Program (the Program) are defined in this document.



All Authorized Workrite Ergonomics or ISE dealerships are eligible to participate in the program. Dealerships can elect to participate with incentives to be earned and paid at the dealership level, or at the individual sales associate level.



To register for participation in the Program, each participant must register at http://www.kv.com/rewards. Upon completion of the enrollment process, participants will receive a Rewards at Work registration number via email within 2 business days, making them eligible to begin earning incentives through the program.



To become eligible to receive incentive payments, registered participants must accrue a minimum of 100 incentive points within their first 12 months of participation. The initial 12 month period begins on the date that the participant first accrues incentive points under the Program, and that month will be considered month 1 of the 12 month period.


After reaching eligibility for the first time, participants must maintain a minimum of 100 accrued incentive points for each rolling 12 month period to qualify for monthly incentive payments. If, at the end of any 12 month period, the 100 point threshold is not met incentives accrued during month 1 of the period are forfeited and incentives accrued in months 2-12 are carried forward into the next 12 month period. At any given time, the maximum number of months for which you can bank accumulated incentive points for an incentive payment is 12 months.


In order to receive credit for accruing Rewards at Work incentive points, the participant’s Rewards at Work number must be included on each individual purchase order no exceptions. Once the product ships from the Workrite facility, we are unable to add Rewards at Work numbers to an order and the participant will not be eligible to receive an incentive point accrual for the order.



Incentives will only be paid on products sold at the dealership’s standard discount. Incentives are determined

on a point system basis where $1 = 1 Rewards at Work point. You will receive 1 point for every whole dollar of the eligible percentage of the net purchase price (see example of calculation on page 2). Points are accumulated on an order by order basis and are calculated as a percentage of the net purchase price (excluding freight, taxes, installation charges, handling charges, or any other miscellaneous fee) determined in accordance with Workrite’s standard sales terms on each individual order. Incentives will be accrued and paid to registered participants on the products and categories as outlined on the following page.


Other promotional programs may apply as approved by Workrite management. Details for promotional programs will be distributed as published literature to each registered participant’s e-mail address. Incentive points are calculated and credited to you as of the date of shipment for eligible orders. Months correspond to Workrite’s financial reporting months. Incentive payments are processed on the third Friday of the month following the month in which they are earned.


At any time, and at its sole discretion, Workrite reserves the right to hold incentive payments until the invoice(s) associated with the Program payment have been paid in full. Not excepting the previous statement, if your monthly payment is over $3,500 we will process this payment once the associated invoice(s) have been paid in full.


Incentives will be accrued and paid to registered participants on the Workrite or ISE financial good products and categories as outlined below:


Product Category Description

Incentive %

Eligible Products and Categories



Sit-Stand Workcenters



SPIFF will be paid on all sit-stand workcenters including height adjustable bases, benching, and table top sit-stand models featured in the current catalogs.  SPIFF will not be paid on any miscellaneous parts and accessories.


Laminated Worksurfaces



SPIFF will be paid on any laminated worksurface shape, size, and laminate color featured in the current catalogs with the exception of Line of Sight worksurfaces.  SPIFF will not be paid on custom worksurfaces.

Adjustable Keyboard Systems, Solo Platforms & Solo Arms



SPIFF will be paid on complete systems, solo platforms & solo arms featured in the current catalogs.  SPIFF will not be paid on any parts or accessories.


Under Cabinet & Desktop Task Lighting



SPIFF will be paid on all current catalog models of under cabinet and desk top task lighting.  SPIFF will not be paid on any parts and accessories.

Monitor Mount & Supports


SPIFF will be paid on all current catalog models of monitor arms and bases.  SPIFF will not be paid on any parts or accessories.

Accessories including Storage and Organization, Footresters, Document Holders, Privacy and Modesty Panels, Power Distribution Products and Wire Management Products




SPIFF will not be paid on ergo accessories including, but not limited to,  wrist/palm rests, corner makers,or any replacement parts and accessories for the major product categories.

Line of Sight


SPIFF will not be paid on any Line of Sight base product, worksurface or accessory.

Custom Products


SPIFF will not be paid on any custom product.



Example of incentive calculation:

Net purchase price                                    $1,006.75 Incentive                      5%

Incentive earned          $50.33 (50 points)



Annual renewal is required for continuing eligibility in the Program to ensure proper tax reporting and prompt payment to participants. Participants will receive notification of the renewal period no less than 4 weeks in advance of the renewal deadline. Failure to renew prior to the specified deadline will result in the termination of eligibility and forfeiture of all accumulated incentive points earned under the Program. Forfeited incentive accruals will not be reinstated if participation is renewed after the deadline. Participants will not receive credit for any orders shipped after the termination date and any accrued incentives will be paid out or forfeited per the terms of the program.




Incentive points earned under the Rewards at Work Program cannot be transferred to any other person, dealer, or organization.


All payments through the Rewards at Work program are considered taxable income and any income taxes owed resulting from earnings are the responsibility of the participant. U.S. residents will receive a 1099-MISC form no later than the end of January each year for income earned in the previous calendar year if earnings exceeded $600. Canadian residents will receive a form t4a no later than the end of February each year for income earned in the previous calendar year, regardless of amount earned.


Workrite provides for the highest standard of confidentiality for Rewards at Work Program participants. To provide participants with future promotional opportunities and sales support, may share standard sales reporting information such as participants’ product sales history, including amounts and timing of sales, to Workrite’s field sales force and other Workrite employees.



Workrite will not disclose any other personally identifying information regarding Rewards at Work participants to any individual or institution other than the individual participant unless it receives prior written consent from that participant for such disclosure.


Authorized Workrite Ergonomics dealers are those dealers who have an existing sales relationship with Workrite and are in good standing under our credit terms. Participation in the Rewards at Work Program is voluntary for dealers and their sales employees. Dealer approval is required for its employees’ participation in the Program. Workrite is not responsible for verification of dealer’s approval regarding sales representative participation.


If a participant changes employers,  and the  new  employer  is  an  authorized  dealer,  the  participant  may  be  able to continue to use their Rewards at Work number but must update all required account information via the website at http://www.kv.com/rewards



Workrite Ergonomics will administer the Program in accordance with the Rewards at Work Program terms and conditions. We reserve the right to make any changes and modifications to the Rewards at Work Program at any time without prior notification. When material changes are made to the program’s Terms and Conditions, Workrite will notify participants via an email message sent to the email address provided upon registration.


Up to date program Terms and Conditions can be found on the Rewards at Work website (www.kv.com/rewards). As the Rewards at Work Program administrator, we have the sole right to make determinations regarding all Rewards at Work Program requirements and eligibility for Rewards at Work Program incentive payments, and all decisions are fi


Workrite Ergonomics also reserves the right to terminate and discontinue the Rewards at Work Program at any time and for any reason. We welcome your participation in our industry leading Rewards at Work program. If you should have any questions regarding the program, please contact us by e-mail at customerservice@workriteergo.com or at 800.959.9675